At your services are seasoned:
Tacticall shooting professionals C-IDE
NATO CERTIFIED and EOD Instructors
PSD Operators

Our Staff

Close protection Agent
combat medics
maritime security officers
USMC scout snipers
rope and parachuting instructors as weel as other specjalized
Professionals critical to objective success


Paladin Tac mission statment

Paladin Tac cover basic to adwanced operator courses, as well as state licensed instructor certificate training. Adwanced classes are dedicated for gun expirienced persons what is stricly verified before and during the training.

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Maritime security

Is there room for the thought of "maby the will not come?" Paladin Tac teaches: when you least expect it, then expect it!

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Mauritius Police

In cooperation with International Police Association we could share our expirience with law enforcement Agencies in one of the most beautifull part of the world.

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International Police Association

We share our knowledge and expiriance with the biggest professional Association in the world.

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Tactical Pistol

Probably the most critical combat tools used for selfdefense in the hands of civilians, law enforcement.

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Sniper courses

Paladin Tac provides tried and proven rifles for the training and teachers with tried and proven skills in the field.

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Tactical combat casualty care

When situation explode, speed is of essence, knowing this we offer as realistic training as possible.

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Counter ambush drill

So what are you going to do? When they come for you? Learn to strike back hard and viciously.

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Close Protection-PSD

Close Protection is not only for about life saving activity when the bullets are flying but primarly to prevent variety for unexpected situations.

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PSD and facility protection.

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High risk threat zones

Our trainees fight real fights and face real terrorist treats

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Sierra leone police Layouts

Teaching and training by example.


Our training offer

is widely opened for police officers, soldiers, security agents as well as civilian environement with lack of gun experience.

We organize courses on the levels listed below: introduction, basic, advanced and instructor (state license for teaching shooting). Advanced trainings are dedicated to gun experienced individuals what is verified by posession of state documents like: sport shooting license, conceal carry permit or proved armed security work.

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Among our Training Staff are experienced persons with many years in service for the Government and Security Sector. We provide our courses, seminaries and trainings also abroad Poland. Beside teaching we provide services with high risk analyze, security consulting and Personal Security including PSD.

Project "Komplety Strzeleckie" is manned by the Training Staff of Paladin Tac company, and officially approved firms and institutions. Up to this day we provided our services for security resorts as well as Ministry of National Defence of Poland and US Department of Defence.

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We are working day and night to bring best courses to the world.
Our progress is excellent and we're sure we will reach our target date below.


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